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Show Review – Shut Eye

Shut Eye is a Hulu original, and so far there is only one season. I’m very much hoping for a season two! It really is a brilliant show.

The show centers around a husband and wife who are fake psychics – the husband does the work, really.

They work for a community of gypsies, or Roma, who take their cut of an expansive system of fake psychics. They employ con artists who do their jobs well, and who make the higher up Roma families rich.

there are a few spoilers ahead, so if you would rather not know them, just go watch the show before reading this next bit. It’s worth it!

The husband ends up gaining some true abilities after a head injury. He uses this to his advantage when he can, but it also takes a moral toll on him. He starts to see that what he does can be harmful, which he tries his best to ignore.

The husband and wife team take on a large con without letting their “boss” know, who is the head of a major player in a Roma family. Needless to say, things start to happen which don’t go well.

This show has so many great aspects to it. There are murders, drugs, sex, death, violence, plot twists, suspense, back stabbing, and more. I haven’t decided if the main characters are good people or not. Decide for yourself, and go check out this Hulu original series, right now!



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