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What to pack on a short Summer trip

What to pack on a short Summer trip


Short trips in the Summer time… could you ask for a better mini vacation? My short trips in the Summer are usually one of two places. Galveston, Texas or Lake Charles, LA. Tomorrow, my aunt and I are opting for a fun trip to Lake Charles casino hotel, LA’uberge!

This is titled as a Summer trip, even though it’s still Spring. Why? We live in the South…there is no Spring! Here is a list if what to pack on a short Summer trip

Sandals – why pack real shoes? This is Summer, baby!

Underwear – this can be a pain to buy at your destination if you forget to pack some undies.

Tank tops & T-shirts – don’t over pack, if it’s a three day trip, pack 3 tops.

One dress – just in case you find yourself wanting to go out somewhere fancy-like

One pair of pants, and one pair of shorts – it’s a short trip, and you don’t need to change your bottoms EVERY day.

Sunglasses – ’nuff said!

Toiletries – use some smaller travel containers and make sure to fill them with your shampoo, conditioner, and Sun Block. This will prevent your items from over filling your bag! Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste. You may want to also pack your favorite facial cleanser in a travel size container.

Deodorant – you can even make your own to take. Just put it in a smaller, travel size container.

A swimsuit – if you plan on swimming or sun bathing, this is an essential item.

Your phone charger – phone addiction aside, you’ll need your phone charger in case of emergencies, and in case you get separated from who you’re traveling with.

A First Aid kit – bring some band aids, a little bit of gauze, and alcohol wipes as the minimum first aid kit items.

Cash – it’s easier to budget if you spend cash and separate the cash into envelopes for each day. It’s okay to splurge, but you won’t want to break the bank.

Lady products – aunt Flo can strike at any moment. Be prepared!

Luxury items – if you want to bring make up, moisturizer, or other beauty and jewelry products, try to keep it to a minimum. It can end up taking up a lot of space!

There you have it. Read this post whenever you take a mini vacation, and be prepared to know what to pack on a short Summer trip!