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The Best All Natural Product Company

I spend a lot of time making DIY creations at home. I’ll be adding more blog posts with recipes soon, promise!

When I make these creations, there is one company I turn to for the best shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter. It’s truly the best all natural product company. The company is called Better Shea Butter and they rock! Not only do they have the best quality products, their customer service is on point. Questions I’ve sent them have typically taken less than a day to respond, and sometimes not even an hour.

Not only do they have awesome products and customer service, but they have giveaways on their Facebook all the time. They hosted a giveaway for samples of each of their products, and they only asked for fans to share their page and posts to be entered.

Well, guess what? They sent free samples to literally everyone who shared their page and their post, including myself. Here’s what the samples look like:


Let me tell you, their cocoa butter smells like delicious chocolate. Don’t eat it, but spread it all over yourself! You will smell like the world’s nicest Valentine’s present.

I truly can’t get enough of this company’s products. I’m hooked!