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Supernatural Houston Convention

So when I’m being a typical Texas house potato, Supernatural is one of the shows I can binge watch in between work and…sleep. If you have not watched the show, I highly recommend that you start! Seasons one through ten are available on Netflix, my preferred method of binging.

I recently ventured out of the house on February 13th to attend the Supernatural Convention in Houston with my dear friend and fellow Supernatural nerd, Corrie. It was pretty pricey by my standards for an outing, but it was oh so worth it. No, I didn’t go on a day when Jensen Ackles (Dean) or Jared Padalecki  (Sam) would be there. However, I went on the day when Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) and Misha Collins (Castiel) were there.

Oh, Misha.

Ah-hem…. anyways…

I’ve only been to one other “con,” and this one definitely beat out that one. Instead of focusing on dozens of different Fandoms, this convention was specifically for fans of Supernatural, which I felt was a better option for fans. The event coordinators definitely knew what they were doing when they set this convention up. The time line of events was adhered to, which meant fans knew where to be and when.

Throughout the entire convention, there was a sort of auditorium set up in the hotel which allowed for each actor to be allotted about 45 minutes to answer questions from select audience members. At different times, if you had purchased a photo op with an actor, you would know to go line up at a room outside of this auditorium. These photo ops were filled with adrenaline and excitement! Here were the two I opted for-


Jim Beaver and…


Misha Collins!!

The actors were more than happy to pose in almost any way requested. This made it even more up close and personal. Supernatural fans really have it better than just about any other Fandom.

The merchandise booths had quality items at a reasonable price, and the vendors were very friendly and helpful. If you had a question about anything, they were the first to offer up some much needed information.

Everyone was personable, funny, and wonderful in general. This includes the actors and the fans. Everyone was simply happy to be a part of it all. The show inspires many, and has uber relatable characters. It makes you feel good to meet people who had humble, budget constricted beginnings, who later became a sensation.

I will be returning again next year, and will be meeting Jared and Jensen for certain. Is it weird that I’m already excited and it’s a year away? Maybe. But this blog is a total judge free zone. Get off my blog and go watch the show!!


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