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Google Ad Words – A Key for Success

Do you have a Google ad words account? Are you utilizing it to bring customers to your local or online business? If so, you are on the right track! If you’re not, I have question for you… why?

To some it’s obvious, and to others, they may not understand the power of having a higher Google placement. Consider this: 80% of consumers utilize search engines to find products and services. That’s a huge number.
Over 60% of consumers are using Google search specifically. If you want  customers from these astounding numbers, you’re going to need a high Google placement.

If you are having trouble reaching a high Google ranking organically by means of fantastic website SEO keywords and SEO optimized blogs, your only other truly viable option is to use Google Ads with Ad Words.

Think about the last time you used a search engine to find a product or service. Did you click on page 2, or did you find what you were looking for on page 1? Statistically, chances are you didn’t even have to reach the bottom of page one. Your potential customers are looking on page one of Google , and that’s where you need to be.

Google Ad Words, your website, your blog, your Facebook and your other social media channels should all be consistent. Key words used in your website for example, should be utilized as key words in your Google ads. Consistency is key!

If you need more information on Google Ads and which key words you should be utilizing for your business specifically, feel free to contact me. I offer marketing consultations and advice which can be very useful in gaining customers and growing your business.


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