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Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Well I thought I would post something having to do with my job today. I feel like it’s important information that you need to know if you are a business owner.

I am a virtual assistant as well as a social media marketing specialist. I mainly work with small local businesses . I don’t like to work for chain companies or corporate entities. The limitations for large companies are pretty strict as far as social media marketing goes. I also feel like supporting local businesses is the best way to support your local economy!

Facebook Marketing can seem somewhat daunting for business owners. What should you post? Will you have time? Who should you hire to manage Facebook? Do you need a Facebook page for my business?

Yes, a million times yes, you absolutely need a Facebook page for your business.

Here are only a few of the benefits of having a Facebook page for your business-

1. Fans turn into customers
About 80% of businesses on Facebook acquire customers through social media marketing. Why only 80%? Many companies are not keeping up with their Facebook business pages. If you don’t have a page which has at least one post each week, none of your fans are seeing your business on Facebook.

2. Your customers want you to be on Facebook
80% of social media users want to connect with brands on Facebook. If 80% doesn’t mean anything to you, think about this: in the US and Canada alone, there are over one billion Facebook users who log in every single day.

3. Promotions
If you need a very low cost way to promote a sale or giveaway, Facebook is the way to go. The chances of someone knowing about your current specials and sales without being told by an advertisement are slim to none. Email marketing and Facebook are the best, cheapest ways to let your customers and fans know that you have a promotion!

4. Loyalty
You may gain a customer by means other than Facebook. Someone may walk into your store, call you, or hear about you from a friend. Don’t you want repeat customers? Repeat customers make you 10 to 1,000 times more money than one time customers. If a one time customer likes your Facebook page, they will remember you. Why will they remember you and come back? Because they see you on Facebook! If you are posting to your business page, your customers will be reminded of your company. Remind your Facebook fans simply that you exist, and that’s a great start to gaining repeat customers.

When all is said and done….

5. Your competitors are on Facebook!
Perhaps the most important consideration is this: your competitors are on Facebook. If your competitors are constantly updating social media and reminding customers and fans that they exist, and you don’t have a business Facebook page, they are much more likely to go to your competitor instead of to you.

6. A new way to gain exposure
Facebook allows companies to “boost” their posts. So if you have a sale and want people to know about it, you can target people in your area, and allow Facebook users who don’t like your Facebook business page yet to also see your advertisements. Depending in your budget, between about 500-20,000 people will be able to see your advertisement. That is some excellent exposure!

For these reasons and more, Facebook should be considered an essential part of your business plan. By hiring someone who manages social media accounts, you are investing in growing your business. That being said, make sure you hire someone who is qualified and has managed social media accounts in the past. Ask for a few examples of past social media work. Ask how long they have been doing their job. Ask how many accounts they currently handle. If someone is managing more than 15 social media accounts, they may not have enough time to dedicate to your company’s Facebook page.

So what should you pay your social media specialist? Well, that all depends. The cost of living in your area will affect the price. It’s always smart to use someone local, however, to cut costs it may be necessary to hire someone who doesn’t live in your immediate area. On that note, please do not hire someone who works from a different country! Not only will you be not supporting your country’s economy, but there are numerous complications that come with paying someone in a foreign country. The laws and limitations for protecting your monthly investment are different.  Personally, I charge anywhere from $200 per month to $1,000 per month depending on the services needed. Find someone like me who offers different marketing packages. Ask your potential marketing specialist what options they feel are right for your company. Typically, you get what you pay for, and that saying works for just about everything in life worth investing in!

I hope you found this post helpful. Facebook can and will grow your business when utilized properly.


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