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Perfect Body Butter

Have you made body butter using Shea Butter as an ingredient before? I was having a conversation with Isabella, the owner of Better Shea Butter about it. It turns out, many people end up with a body butter that hardens after the first day.

So, how then can a perfectly whipped body butter be made? I will try to explain what I learned from Isabella.


Unredined Shea Butter is wonderful for your skin in so many ways. It moisturizes, protects, and revitalizes. However, it has natural hardening properties when it is in room temperature. When you measure out your ingredients for whatever recipe you are using, make sure shea butter makes up no more than 60% of your recipe. Some good oils to mix with shea butter for body butter are avacado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil.

After your ingredients are all melted together, let it sit in room temperature for approximately two or three hours. Although it will still be very liquidy, whip it for a few minutes. After this, you can place your mixture in the fridge overnight.

The next day, take out your mixture and once again, let it sit out for two or three hours. Whip it again for a few minutes, and then you’re done!

I’m still not certain why this magical process works so well every time. I’m sure it has to do with some sciency stuff and other chemistry related facts. I’m just glad that it works so well! Enjoy your body butters, and don’t let a hard one ruin your day.