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DIY moisturizing face & body cream

Hello lovelies!

I have been experimenting with DIY all natural body products for about a year now, and I thought I should start sharing my creations. Today I made an all natural, 100% organic face and body cream.

Let’s start with the ingredients:


1/2 cup organic Ivory Shea Butter

4 tablespoons organic Cocoa Butter

4 tablespoons organic mango butter

2 tablespoons organic rosehip seed oil

1 tablespoon organic lavender essential oil

6 tablespoons organic aloe Vera gel

To begin, you will need a double boiler, or you can create your own like I did. I took a pan and filled it with about an inch of water, and then placed a glass Pyrex measuring cup in it like this:


Put the heat on low/medium, and then put the shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter in the Pyrex. It will take about 10 minutes to fully melt.

Remove from heat and stir well.

Mix in the remaining ingredients into the pyrex, and stir for at least 3 minutes to ensure everything is mixed in evenly.

Pour into a container of your choice like this one. Just make sure it is sealable!


Place your container with the mixture inside of it in the fridge. Let sit for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

Stir well again.

Let sit on the counter for about 15 more minutes, and stir one last time. Voila! Now you have your very own all natural moisturizing face and body cream. It should look similar to this:


It will harden a little bit over the next couple of hours, but this is normal. It will still have a very creamy texture. A very small amount goes a very long way. The rosehip seed oil will fade dark spots over time, and also has anti aging properties!

Because of the aloe Vera gel in this recipe, the shelf life will be shortened to about 2 months. You may use coconut oil as a replacement, and this will increase the shelf life to about 6 months!

Enjoy!! 🙂


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