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Movie Review: Time Lapse 2014

Movies about time travel can be pretty…typical. It takes a pretty creative writer and director to pull off a thrilling movie with elements of time travel. Even more talent is needed to make some unpredictable twists.

The plot of the movie involves a camera which develops images from the future. Three roommates which consist of a couple and a bad boy loser type find out about this machine when their scientist neighbor goes missing, and they go to try and check on him.

At first, as you would expect, things go very well. The roommates use this power to their advantage, using the camera to send messages to themselves on bets they should make. Soon though, everything would go awry.

I honestly can not believe this movie never made it to theaters. It does seem like it had a low budget, but every penny was clearly well spent. The acting is fantastic, and the writers were on point with this one.

I can’t go into any further detail, as it would give away much too much information! I highly recommend you check out this movie. If you’re into Sci-fi thrillers with big twists, you’re going to enjoy watching this one.

4.5/5 stars


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