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Halloween time!

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. Everyone who knows me is aware, because I let them know. Vegans may be able to relate to this. You know how when someone invites you over for dinner, you have to let them know you’re Vegan? Well beginning around August, if someone wants to go shopping with me, I have to let them know I’m obsessed with Halloween. I will not be in any other section of the store, just the Halloween aisles. I thought I would let all other Halloween addicts know which stores have the best Halloween items out right now!

So far, I’ve purchased halloween items at the following stores:

Hobby Lobby – with at least one week a month with holiday items 50% off, Hobby Lobby is one of the best places to shop for Halloween decor. Even when there isn’t a special, there is always the famous 40% off of one single item coupon! My favorite item from Hobby Lobby so far is this tray, which I display proudly:


Ross – You know those pins on pinterest that show you how to make your own potion and poison bottles for Halloween? Well, it’s so much cheaper just to go to Ross! The stores don’t all carry the same items, but there are always gems like this one:


Joann’s fabrics – I absolutely love this store! It’s pricier than Ross and Hobby Lobby, but they do have some very unique items. They had a 40% off sale recently, when I bought a small halloween house decoration which changes colors when you turn the light on.

The last store I will share is…

Marshall’s Home Goods –

I splurged at this store and spent…well more than I should have. However, I purchased a dozen or so items for a very good deal. My most prized Halloween decoration at the moment is my Edgar Allen Poe snow globe!!


Home Goods also has many other Halloween snow globes available with different themes, and even several that wind up and play music, much like a music box. This store is probably the one with the most Halloween items, in the most aisles. They have coffee mugs, dishware, kitchen towels, dog costumes, decor, props, and more. You will definitely get the most bang for your buck here!

For all of you other Halloween obsessed weirdos like myself, I hope you have a happy holiday season. Happy shopping!


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