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DIY moisturizing face & body cream

Hello lovelies!

I have been experimenting with DIY all natural body products for about a year now, and I thought I should start sharing my creations. Today I made an all natural, 100% organic face and body cream.

Let’s start with the ingredients:


1/2 cup organic Ivory Shea Butter

4 tablespoons organic Cocoa Butter

4 tablespoons organic mango butter

2 tablespoons organic rosehip seed oil

1 tablespoon organic lavender essential oil

6 tablespoons organic aloe Vera gel

To begin, you will need a double boiler, or you can create your own like I did. I took a pan and filled it with about an inch of water, and then placed a glass Pyrex measuring cup in it like this:


Put the heat on low/medium, and then put the shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter in the Pyrex. It will take about 10 minutes to fully melt.

Remove from heat and stir well.

Mix in the remaining ingredients into the pyrex, and stir for at least 3 minutes to ensure everything is mixed in evenly.

Pour into a container of your choice like this one. Just make sure it is sealable!


Place your container with the mixture inside of it in the fridge. Let sit for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

Stir well again.

Let sit on the counter for about 15 more minutes, and stir one last time. Voila! Now you have your very own all natural moisturizing face and body cream. It should look similar to this:


It will harden a little bit over the next couple of hours, but this is normal. It will still have a very creamy texture. A very small amount goes a very long way. The rosehip seed oil will fade dark spots over time, and also has anti aging properties!

Because of the aloe Vera gel in this recipe, the shelf life will be shortened to about 2 months. You may use coconut oil as a replacement, and this will increase the shelf life to about 6 months!

Enjoy!! 🙂

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Halloween time!

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. Everyone who knows me is aware, because I let them know. Vegans may be able to relate to this. You know how when someone invites you over for dinner, you have to let them know you’re Vegan? Well beginning around August, if someone wants to go shopping with me, I have to let them know I’m obsessed with Halloween. I will not be in any other section of the store, just the Halloween aisles. I thought I would let all other Halloween addicts know which stores have the best Halloween items out right now!

So far, I’ve purchased halloween items at the following stores:

Hobby Lobby – with at least one week a month with holiday items 50% off, Hobby Lobby is one of the best places to shop for Halloween decor. Even when there isn’t a special, there is always the famous 40% off of one single item coupon! My favorite item from Hobby Lobby so far is this tray, which I display proudly:


Ross – You know those pins on pinterest that show you how to make your own potion and poison bottles for Halloween? Well, it’s so much cheaper just to go to Ross! The stores don’t all carry the same items, but there are always gems like this one:


Joann’s fabrics – I absolutely love this store! It’s pricier than Ross and Hobby Lobby, but they do have some very unique items. They had a 40% off sale recently, when I bought a small halloween house decoration which changes colors when you turn the light on.

The last store I will share is…

Marshall’s Home Goods –

I splurged at this store and spent…well more than I should have. However, I purchased a dozen or so items for a very good deal. My most prized Halloween decoration at the moment is my Edgar Allen Poe snow globe!!


Home Goods also has many other Halloween snow globes available with different themes, and even several that wind up and play music, much like a music box. This store is probably the one with the most Halloween items, in the most aisles. They have coffee mugs, dishware, kitchen towels, dog costumes, decor, props, and more. You will definitely get the most bang for your buck here!

For all of you other Halloween obsessed weirdos like myself, I hope you have a happy holiday season. Happy shopping!

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Movie Review: Time Lapse 2014

Movies about time travel can be pretty…typical. It takes a pretty creative writer and director to pull off a thrilling movie with elements of time travel. Even more talent is needed to make some unpredictable twists.

The plot of the movie involves a camera which develops images from the future. Three roommates which consist of a couple and a bad boy loser type find out about this machine when their scientist neighbor goes missing, and they go to try and check on him.

At first, as you would expect, things go very well. The roommates use this power to their advantage, using the camera to send messages to themselves on bets they should make. Soon though, everything would go awry.

I honestly can not believe this movie never made it to theaters. It does seem like it had a low budget, but every penny was clearly well spent. The acting is fantastic, and the writers were on point with this one.

I can’t go into any further detail, as it would give away much too much information! I highly recommend you check out this movie. If you’re into Sci-fi thrillers with big twists, you’re going to enjoy watching this one.

4.5/5 stars