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Movie review- Snowpiercer

I can not say enough about this movie. The best way to describe it would be Hunger Games… on a train.

I’m a junkie for post apocalyptic thrillers, and Snowpiercer certainly fits the bill. There are characters you’ll love, characters you’ll love to hate, and characters you will be mad at yourself for rooting for.

After the world basically froze over, the only remaining survivors were those who were on a train that is on a continuous track. The train has a section for making food, a section for producing power, water…you get the idea. Of course, there is a class system involved where the lessers are expendable, and there is an upper class group of people who get to party and do drugs constantly.

As all good post apocalyptic movies should, Snowpiercer has a hero, a dictator type antagonist, and brilliant characters in between. There is a lot of heroism, but not without cost. Survivors have to decide whether or not freedom is more important than dying, or if having to live up to the status quo is a worse fate than death.

This movie made me really think, in a good way. Who doesn’t like to watch a movie about an oppressive “government” who needs to be thrown over by an action hero-type??

I could probably watch this movie a dozen times, and still be willing to watch it again. That is saying A LOT.

My rating for Snowpiercer is 4.5/5 stars.


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