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Movie Review – The Remaining (2014)

Spoiler alerts galore…

Okay… so nothing irks me more than a good horror plot twisted into a religious “have faith or die” movie.

I really should have seen it coming. It starts out with a beautiful wedding scene, of which the reception is rudely interrupted by the rapture. All children and roughly 1/3 of all adults die.

A small group of twenty-somethings, including the bride and groom of course, manage to stay together and escape some of the chaos. Half of them die one by one, after coming to the realization that they need to choose to believe in God in order to have eternal life.

Wait…what? That’s it? There’s no plot twist, no hidden meaning, nothing anyone couldn’t easily predict. I love Alexa Vega…but this movie was such a dissapointment. It was a simple, unoriginal, copout. I don’t recommend this movie for viewing.

1/5 stars


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