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Movie Review – Pathology (2008)

Pathology was a bit of an intense thriller, and definitely strayed away from the typical cheesy horror plot.

I actually enjoyed this movie, which is rare for me. I would describe myself as having an addiction to horror, but I find it difficult to get my fix. There are so many awful, mundane, and predictable horror movies.

Moving on…

This movie is about several doctors in residency at a hospital who perform autopsies. A new doctor joins the residency, and discovers several other doctors are involved in a little game. Their game consists of taking turns murdering individuals in a sly manner, and then the others guessing how they did it.

The acting is actually quite on point, contrary to what I had assumed at first. If you enjoy allowing Dexter Morgan to seduce you into rooting for a killer, this movie causes a similar reaction.

The ending isn’t completely unpredictable, but for me it was undeniably satisfying.

If you’re looking for an intense thriller with just the right amount of psycopaths, sociopaths, and violence, this one will be sure to itch that scratch.

4/5 stars

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Movie Review – The Remaining (2014)

Spoiler alerts galore…

Okay… so nothing irks me more than a good horror plot twisted into a religious “have faith or die” movie.

I really should have seen it coming. It starts out with a beautiful wedding scene, of which the reception is rudely interrupted by the rapture. All children and roughly 1/3 of all adults die.

A small group of twenty-somethings, including the bride and groom of course, manage to stay together and escape some of the chaos. Half of them die one by one, after coming to the realization that they need to choose to believe in God in order to have eternal life.

Wait…what? That’s it? There’s no plot twist, no hidden meaning, nothing anyone couldn’t easily predict. I love Alexa Vega…but this movie was such a dissapointment. It was a simple, unoriginal, copout. I don’t recommend this movie for viewing.

1/5 stars

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Meet the Texas House Potato

What is a house potato? Think about a couch potato. A couch potato is someone who spends the majority of their time on the couch. I am a house potato… I spend most of my time at my house!

A little about me: I’m married and have two wonderful dog children. I have a few very close friends I hold dear to my heart, and I have a wonderful family and in laws.

I am a chronic pain sufferer. It doesn’t hold my life back by any major means, but it does contribute to making me into a house potato. When I do go out, sometimes walking for a long distance or being extremely active will lead to back pain. Sometimes I just work through it, and sometimes I just go home. It doesn’t make me feel defeated, it’s just what works best with my body at times.

I have a fulfilling job working from home as an online virtual assistant and social media marketer. It’s the perfect job for me, and I love it! It gives me plenty of time to be…well…a house potato.

I watch a lot of movies, and it’s becomeĀ a passion of mine. I created this site to post about all the things I do at home. Projects, cleaning, movie and show reviews, and sometimes the occasional out of the house routine. I’m hoping to inspire other house potatoes like myself, or at the very least share my experiences and opinions. I hope you enjoy!